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Pharmacy Council is established in 2058 BS (2001 AD) with the objective of making the pharmacy profession effective through systematic and scientific operation and also for the registration of the pharmacists and pharmacy assistants as per their qualification. Health care is a basic need of people. The constitutions of Nepal states that every citizen shall have equal access to health services as their fundamental right. The concerned health personnel is now vigorously functioning in this subject to accomplish directives of the constitution to every corner of the country for the welfare of the people of Nepal. It is an opportunity for all, working in health services, including pharmacists to proceed one step forward to achieve this goal of national interest and provide sincere services to the needy people.

Pharmacy profession, industrial and health care are undergoing rapid change. It is a challenge and needs to strengthen and upgrade our system of education to produce competent pharmacists. Educate ourselves appropriately and be an excellent member of our society. In this contest, Nepal Pharmacy Council urges all the pharmacists to take part in this solemn task of humanitarian service and contribute sincerely for the betterment of the society. I am confident that pharmacists can serve the interests of both individual patients and the public at large.

Prajwal Jung Pandey