Message from Registrar<

Nepal Pharmacy Council was established in 2058 B.S.(2001 A.D.) by the act number 14 of the year 2057, in order to make effective the pharmacy business by managing and operating it in a scientific manner. It is the professional body to register the name of Pharmacy manpower(Pharmacist and  Pharmacy Assistant) based on their qualification. Council is also responsible for the recognitation to educational degree, certificates and ensure the quality of pharmacy education in Nepal.

In present context , I think the major responsibilities of Nepal Pharmacy Council are :

1. Standardization of Pharmacy education.

2. Assurance of better environment to Pharmacy Professionals.

3. Training for Skill devlopment ( Community and Hospital Pharmacy Settings).

4. Implementation of Annual calendar.

5. Disciplinary action.

To fulfil the duties given by Government of Nepal and meet our goal we need to revise our minimum requirements for the academic institutions, reform the infrastructure of council, counduct regular interaction with the stakeholders (pharmacy organization , Academic institutions ,Universities, CTEVT). It is a fundamental task for us  now to conduct national and international conferences to be updated and access with the new innovation in pharmaceutical care, industry and many more. But it can only be achieved through a common resolution between the stakeholders.


Sanjiv Kumar Pandey